Parallel Goverment and the Backbone Campaign

There is a very interesting campaign called the Backbone Campaign.
Yesterday, Wayne, nominated me for the Secretary of Sustainability position within the Backbone Cabinet. Now it is up to the editors to place my name on the website if they think I am worthy enough.

Here is what Wayne wrote about me:

Libby Hubbard, aka Doctress Neutopia is the last futurist to graduate in Future Studies from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst before the Reagan Era budget cuts eliminated the program. Her online dissertation is on building an evolutionary architecture, arcology, which fuses together architecture and ecology. She lived a year and a half at Arcosanti, Paolo Soleri’s experimental prototype arcology in the Arizona. Since that time, she has been developing a platform on the need to build arcology as a way to create global sustainability. Her name was on the 2008 presidential primary ballot running on a platform of building the world’s first arcology on Arizona State Trust Land. She promotes her ideas on her Access Tucson cable TV show, Lovolution Village

I’m nominating Dr. Hubbard becaue I see her as the best person alive to fulfill the job of secretary of sustainability and bring together a long-term vision of sustainability to planet Earth and beyond. For her, sustainability doesn’t mean that only one part of the life process is sustainable; it means that the entire planetary system is sustainable.  She feels and advocates that we must look at our problems using a whole-systems approach to design. Therefore, not only do we need a global economy that is sustainable within the planet’s finite resources, but we need a new lifestyle that meets all our human needs in a sustainable way. A sustainable lifestyle needs a new living container or ecocity design in which to thrive.

To do this, she has proposed that we set up something similar to Bucky Fuller’s vision of the Earth Bank, a world computer data base where information about managing our natural resources is stored. She feels a key task of the president and the progressive cabinet would be to ask the computer databanks what we need to analyze in order to channel resources to re-house the human population within the framework of building a new network of renewable energy-powered arcologies, and create social justice with equal opportunity to all. She believes all 21st century industry within the arcology model must be based on cradle-to-cradle non-toxic designs as proposed and implemented by architects such as William McDonough and others.


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