The Neutopian presidency is riding the wave of regime change by facing up to the radical changes humanity must make if we are to survive. The Gaia regime works as a cocreative team of the best and most virtuous individuals who have an important contribution to make to the world-saving mission of building ecological cities or arcologies.

turteisand1.jpgThe purpose of the Neutopian presidential team is to morph us into Buckminster Fuller’s vision of a World Management Committee who over see the formation of a resource-based “Earth Bank.” The Earth Bank will be a world-wide, public, holographic date-base where all knowledge about our natural resources converges, so that we have equitably reorganized and fairly distribute our common wealth. The Neutopian presidential team uplifts humanity to a new stage in Lovolution (the globalization of love) by developing and implementing a plan to build a world where human rights and global justice are the keystones for constructing solar-powered arcologies.

Phase one of the Neutopian transformation will build a prototype arcology for one million people on Arizona State Trust Land. Arcology will be designed with cradle-to-cradle industries, which means that all materials and chemicals used in manufacturing are either recyclable or reusable. We move from a consumer based, meat and dairy fast-foods livestock culture, to a user or learner-based, organic, plant-based, live foods culture. The spiritual kernel within an arcology is a blend of all the world’s great mystical traditions, where everyone has the direct path to the mysterious ways of Gaia that help us free our essential selves to live for the common good.

In arcology, the rule of one-childbirth-per-woman makes each child a treasured blessing. The education of children is acknowledged as our greatest social responsibility. Free life-long education and preventive medicine is part of the birth rights of being indigenous to Gaia.

During the transition phase of building the network of arcologies, schools and universities serve as training grounds for the regime change as we move to re-educate the work-force with the necessary skills, talents, and genius to fulfill green collar jobs needed to construct arcology. Putting an end to the war we have been waging against Gaia, we understand that within the Gaia regime, national borders are no longer relevant, thus making nuclear weapons obsolete. As we disarm our fears and start to love the heart of humanity, the healing miracle of Neutopia ushers in an epoch of universal peace.

Bio: Libby Hubbard aka Doctress Neutopia has a doctorate in Future Studies from the University of Massachusetts from the School of Education . Her concentration was on utopian thought and art. She lived a year and a half at Arcosanti, Paolo Soleri’s experimental arcology in the Arizona desert. She currently is the hostess of the Lovolution Village TV show on Access Tucson. Her passion is to bring arcology, a pedestrian centered, car-free city, into the international debate on how to survive global warming. She is also working on a documentary with noted visionaries whose ideas are needed to build arcology. Participants in the documentary include Barbara Marx Hubbard, Hazel Henderson, Thomas Berry, Peter Russell, Richard Register. Her essays, poetry, videos, artworks, and blog can be viewed at www.lovolution.net .


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