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Unity for America: The Arcology Party 

The Neutopian platform is a revolution against the status quo, demanding a deep regime change. Its purpose is to unblock the energy of the body politic so that we find the political will to free ourselves from car and oil dependency by building car-free, ecological sound cities or arcologies. We propose that the first arcology be build for one million people on Arizona State Trust Land, by and for the people. 

We are living through a transitional period where we are moving from the post-modern, dysfunctional, car-clogged, fossil fuel addicted cities, to constructing a network of solar-powered arcologies to house the human population in a sustainable way. The Neutopia platform is nothing less than a world-wide, non-violent mass movement of trickle up democracy–a Lovolution-moving us into a 21st century lifestyle that meets all our physical, emotional, and imaginative needs. The Neutopian flag is the Earth Flag.

The Great American Seal as seen on the dollar bill has also been improved. In the eagle’s talons, she has dropped the arrows, and now holds two olive branches symbolizing our complete dedication to achieving world peace through being the leaders in nuclear disarmament. The images on the paper currency have been adjusted to reflect the new regime. Until an “Earth Bank” which accounts for our natural capital is set up to include for all the global resources, printed money will depict scenes from national parks to instill in us the importance of our common wealth. 

No longer exploiting foreign lands and labor for our resource consumption, our focus turns from the accumulation of material things to the fulfillment of creative desires and protecting our wilderness. We move to a state of mind that is caring and sharing, living within our means. 

Key Points to Our Gaia Regime Change: 

  • Conversion of military budget into public work programs designed to build the network of arcologies and a world-wide energy grid. Military forces are redeployed from “occupiers to builders.” The first military task is to decommission nuclear weapons and energy plants as well as to clean up the depleted uranium and toxic tailings throughout the world.

  • Conversion of 20th Century pollution producing industrials to cradle-to-cradle, renewable, recycling 21st Century industries designed to clean up the planet and keep it clean.

  • Transitioning to a green economy focused on new inventions, materials, and building techniques needed to build arcologies founded with renewable energy technologies. New housing development projects under the old “global shopping mall” regime are immediately halted. Temporary geodesic dome cities are constructed to house all displaced people until arcologies are completed. Until arcologies are constructed, private automobile transportation is replace by solar-powered buses.

  • Local to Global Youth Corps offers youth a one-year overseas or domestic adventure and service tours with the purpose of gathering anthropological research towards building the sociocultural architecture necessary for arcological design.

  • Preventative health car programs. Free memberships to neighborhood health, crafts, and cultural centers. Arts, crafts, music are seen as part of maintaining mental health. Centers prepare for celebrations and rituals during stellar events such as the summer solstice and the winter equinox, solar and moon eclipses. Community centers also function as organic food distribution centers offering free vegan lunches at cyber cafes. Renewing our health, renews our energy.

  • Permaculture and organic farming practices are encouraged as corporate farming is phased out. We lower our meat consumption as we move to a plant-based diet.

  • Lovolutionizing Education. The mission of higher education is to provide the Gaia regime with the intellectual skills, talent, and genius needed to build and maintain arcology. The mission of elementary education is to prepare children and students with democratic, conflict resolution skills needed to live within an arcology. Universities become the hub of the regime change. At the center of the “Wheel of Cocreation” visionary futurists jobs are to administer the Neutopia program.

  • Reparations to the spirit of Native America Indians. The United States government is guilty of crimes against humanity. It stole land from the Indians, making treaties that were never kept. For the crimes against the Native American, all lands within the United States are now public lands. We move from an owner-based society, into a user-based society, with computer based-technology and compassionately balanced international teams supervising the fairest allocation of all earthly resources.