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New Party for Arizona?

Does anyone want to make a pool and combine our efforts, or perhaps even make a new party? 

Michael Oatman

I’ve got an idea for the arcology party.
https://doctress.wordpress.com/arcoparty/ The goal of the party is to build the world’s first ecological city on Arizona State Trust Land. It requires us to move from capitalistic “democracy” towards a synergetic democracy. Synergetic democracy is a team effort. My prediction is that someday in the near future an arcology will be built. It could be the ultimate gated community for the rich or it could be the world’s first democratic architectural design. The arcology party is working to build a people’s architecture using 21st Century solar-power designs.

I invite each one of you to play a unique role within this exciting new model in order for us to make it real. So, the question is, how do we go about gathering 20,000 signatures in order to start a new party? Can we get together a volunteer army of Lovolutionaries? Perhaps we could get together a flier or newspaper about the new party with the architectural design on it, and see if the homeless would be interested in joining the army and helping us with the signatures. Let me stress the fact that the arcology party transcends Democrat and Republican parties. It is a quantum leap in development practices.

Yours for Lovolution,