The Flag

After a friend viewed my slide show “Gaia VS the US Flag, he said that I shouldn’t have on my blog about running for president because I immediately alienate people. He said it is like waving a red flag in front of a bull. People just react violently to seeing “their” holy symbol desecrated.


In many presidential campaigns candidates try to hide their true feelings from the public in fear of alienating potential voters. Forgive me, but I can’t play this hide-to-get-a-vote game. I have to give you my honest opinion at all times. It is just the way I programmed, thank Goddess!


The American Flag to me is a symbol that represents unchecked greed, mass murder, centuries of lies, fake treaties and thievery of Native American land, wage slavery, and perpetual war. I see the flag as an enemy of the ecology, human rights, truth and beauty. It is a flag that masks racism, sexism, classism, and genocide.


I don’t want to start a movement to burn the flag because it only causes more air pollution, but my intention is to start a movement to cut a hole in the flag to give the toxic fumes it has created through the centuries a chance to be released. Only then might we find a way to restore our relationship in Nature by righting the historical wrongs of the past.


I am running for president as a Lovolutionary. Lovolution is a social, political, economic transformation in our way of life that creates a world-wide network of arcologies. It is the collective action of love or a movement of sacred activism. The role of a lovolutionary is to be an iconoclast. My mission is to replace outdated and bankrupt ruling symbols with new global symbols and personal archetypes that bring about Neutopia, a world where social equality and planetary justice are the rule, not an American dream.


In the age of globalization, the American dream is outdated because political power is no longer held within the nation-state system and bankrupt because we have become a debtor nation. American continent is a souless. As a lovolutionary, my job is to lead us to our soul.


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